happyWe all want to be happy. I certainly do. We are all looking for answers. We read self-help books and philosophy and psychology books. We try meditation and yoga and exercise…

I keep thinking that if only I had a private plane, I would be really happy. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy being chauffeured to and from any place they wish? Some people, myself included, would say that it is much better than driving. Although, I have a lot of friends who call their cars their pride and joy. From reading something like these geico reviews to find the best car insurance on the market to accessorizing the vehicle and ensuring it’s maintained, they just can’t live without it. This is definitely something that I don’t relate to. You will find private planes in my vocabulary before anything else.

Seriously. I can’t think of any greater luxury. You decide when you want to go. Your chauffeur pulls up to the plane on the tarmac, the stewards and pilots welcome you and carry your bags in. You settle into deep wide leather seats. You are served anything you want when you want it. If the weather is really bad, you can tell the pilot not to take off or to land. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, customs officials get on the plane to check your passport. There would be one easier way to achieve my happiness, instead of having to purchase a private plane, I could hire a private charter through the likes of Jettly as and when I needed, meaning I can reach my happiness but also pick and choose when I’d want it, also saving me money. So, how would you achieve your sense of happiness?

We all want to be happy. I certainly do. We are all looking for answers. We read self-help books and philosophy and psychology books. We try meditation and yoga and exercise. We may even try Joy Organics CBD oil products or something similar to feel happier. We think that if only we had more money, a higher IQ, a better marriage, more friends, more successful children, lived in a warmer climate, or believed in God we would be a lot happier. We compare ourselves to others who seem to have more to determine if they are happier than we are. Of course, one of the biggest things that people try to compare is money. Whilst money doesn’t always equal happiness, it can make life a little bit easier. Many of the wealthiest people actually invest their money to try and make more later in life. Perhaps this is something that other people should do. Cryptocurrencies are a popular investment at the minute, especially Bitcoin. By visiting a website like https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-prime/, people could use an automatic trading website that looks to increase the value of the Bitcoin, resulting in more money. Investments could make people happier, especially when people start profiting from them.

However, money doesn’t always mean happiness. None of the things we compare mean happiness. People could have the best house and job, but it doesn’t mean that they’re happier than someone renting a property with a smaller income.

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