My good friend Rabbi Daniel Lapin wrote an opinion piece last week titled, “Only Six More Years for America?”

Laying out the great civilizations over the last 3 millennia, which according to him last on average 250 years, Rabbi Lapin says that there is hope for America because of her Judeo-Christian heritage and founding:

“Because of America’s uniqueness and its deliberate similarities to ancient Israel, a comeback scenario is real. Even prominent political scientist and religious agnostic, Charles Murray, insists that the American republic can only survive with a revival of the religious values that the Founders depended on. The indomitable Christian warrior, David Lane, through his @AmericanRenewalProject continues to enlist thousands of courageous pastors and millions of their followers in bringing Biblical wisdom into the public square. There is hope.”

Our friend CBN White House Correspondent David Brody quoted me last year, “I am convinced that the [American Renewal Project] pastor and pews model was instrumental in the 2016 election of President Trump and has been instrumental in numerous statewide elections for congressional, US Senate and gubernatorial races.”

Man’s breaking point is God’s opportunity. Before we enter the last minute before midnight, as freedom and democracy now appear to be waning, there is Hope. If Christians won’t back down and will bring their values to the public square, there will be a Third Great Awakening and the resurrection of America.

Mike Huckabee