foodfromJesusA Christian food pantry that provides meals to low-income Lake City residents has refused to give up Jesus, and will continue to show Christian images as it distributes food while carrying out its charity work, and will continue to ask if people would like to be prayed for.

The decision by the Christian Service Center (CSC) has come despite the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) mandate prohibiting the Florida-based Christian organization from keeping faith components in its programming. The USDA has threatened that if it does not comply then the center will no longer remain eligible for government food.

The CSC has served food to low-income Lake City residents for the past 31 years. As part of its service, CSC prays with its clients and asks them if they would like to learn more about Christ. According to CSC Executive Director Kay Daly, clients do not have to accept this offer to receive services.

“When we meet with them to get an understanding of the crisis or need, we ask them if they know Jesus Christ and if we may share with them. If they decline, we don’t. If they do want to, we share the Gospel with them,” Daly told The Christian Post. “Sometimes we lead them to the Lord and sometimes we don’t.”