Who is contending for religious liberty?

In our last Op/Ed we addressed a theological precept formulated by Arthur W. Pink: “It would indeed be strange if we apprehended how that on the one hand Canaan was a free gift unto Israel, which they entered by grace alone; and on the other, that they had to fight for every inch of it!”
We reiterate that 21st-century Evangelicals must embrace it, and if we are to remain free, must do so without delay. God has placed us here to combat pagan Secularism.
In his Gleanings From Joshua, Arthur W. Pink makes a resounding statement that has been largely overlooked by modern evangelism:
“First, in counteracting the one-sided ‘evangelism’ of our day, which tells the sinner that all he has to do is to accept Christ as his personal Savior and Heaven is then his certain portion – ignoring the fact that there is a fight that must be fought and a race to be run before he can be crowned.
Second, in rebutting that doleful view that the Christian should expect nothing but frequent and well-nigh constant defeat in his warfare against the world, the flesh, and the devil – overlooking the truth that if he meets the required conditions he may ‘do all things through Christ strengthening him.’
Third, in setting before us, by clear exemplifications and striking illustrations, the rules and requirements upon which success is conditioned. Here, as nowhere else in Scripture, are we shown how we may be ‘over-comers’.
Fourth, in making known the blessed fact – so little apprehended by Christians today – that it is both their privilege and birthright to enter into a present possession and enjoyment of their Inheritance. O that more of us may do so.”
While sincere, unreserved obedience to God is the imperative prerequisite for the spiritual resurrection of America, thank God a paradigm shift is taking place in America’s pulpits. Pastors and pews are beginning to recognize that a Sunday sermon is not a denomination of political currency. What indeed is the largest denomination of political currency involves mustering and marshaling troops to the voting booth.
If America is to survive, Evangelicals must move on from the failed model for civic engagement of the past 40 years. Whereas current Evangelical leadership will surely know about elections and their dates, knowing how to affect them is a different matter altogether. Strategies involving press conferences, press releases, and getting a shout-out on FOX News have proven to be a complete fiasco in efforts to curb pagan Secularism.
The only recourse is large-scale change. We must accept that the current system is broken.
We have become like the man “floating rapidly onward to the falls of Niagara, [occupying] himself in drawing a very admirable picture of the scenery.” [1]
Arthur W. Pink highlighted the response of King David upon learning of the insurrection of Absalom, “Yet let it be duly noted that strong faith did not produce either sloth or carelessness. David acted with diligence and wisdom: marshaling his forces, putting them in good order, dividing them to best advantage, and placing them under the command of his most experienced generals.” [2]
In December 2016, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich delivered an exceptional speech at the National Defense University. Two paragraphs stand out for their relevance:
“The greatest challenge we face is not money. The greatest challenge we face is thinking. This is one of the places assigned the responsibility for thinking. It was no accident that Admiral Nimitz said after World War II, there was no major problem in the Pacific, that they had not war-gamed at the Naval War College. It’s no accident that Eisenhower graduated first in his class at Leavenworth, and ended up as a senior planner, and then as the Commander of all allied forces in Europe.”
“These were people who understood that thinking things through really mattered. Curtis Lemay told me the greatest contribution that he made to World War II was that he had gone to the new Air Corps Command and Staff College in Montgomery, and had learned how to write a five paragraph field order. He got these huge complicated messages from 8th Air Force when he arrived as a Commander of a Wing in England, and he would rewrite them into the appropriate form, send it back and say, is this what you meant to send me? After about six weeks, 8th Air Force began issuing the new model. These things, they seem trivial, but the most successful security systems have constant processes of evolution, which require thought. The hardest is to evolve without defeat.” [Newt Gingrich: Trumpism Explained; www.foxnews.com]
If virtue is a key component of freedom, Evangelicals must emerge as a force in the public square. “The Jordan must be crossed, cities must be captured, battles must be fought, the Canaanites conquered,” before America can procure and rejoice the inheritance bequeathed by the Founders. Thankfully, we are not required to perform such feats on our own strength. He will provide. [3]
Will you join as Gideons and Rahabs begin to stand in 2018? Newt has a word for them; it’s a classic. [watch video clip above]
David Lane
American Renewal Project
[1] George Bowen, quoted in The Treasury of David by Charles Spurgeon
[2] A.W. Pink, The Life of David
[3] A.W. Pink, Gleanings From Joshua

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