Secularism did not build America, but it may help tear her apart, David Lane argues. (Reuters)

The institutional forces governing contemporary America—public education, higher learning, mainstream media, Big Business and Hollywood—are secularists. Their agenda, deliberately, is at odds with Christian morality and virtue. The decline and departure of godly men and women from these positions of leadership is a threat to freedom and the future of America. It should be a trumpet call for prayer.

American-Renewal-171 interfering with religion (2)Secularism is a religion established by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1963, explicitly minimizing the public and political influence of Christianity. The Court’s secular motive appears to be “the outworking of a broader strategy to effect the deeper ontological separation of the legal and religious.”1 It is no less than blasphemy to make declaration that God has commanded secular Justices to be obeyed when they command iniquity.

Secularists are not looking for middle ground in which to operate. No, far deeper, secularism disputes and questions the origin and nature of man, the theological and epistemological foundation that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” Without fear of Jehovah, men have no love of truth.

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