Noah Webster 1758-1843

Noah Webster 1758-1843

“I consider it a matter of infinite consequence the cautious admission of foreigners to the rights of citizenship.”

Quoted from the article by Rosalie J. Slater, M.A , in the preface of the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, Facsimile Edition, published by the Foundation for American Education.

Noah Webster jealously defended republicanism and took issue with those who referred to our government as a democracy; he considered them “opposers of our government.” Webster noted that one of the methods used by these “opposers” was to recruit immigrants at the moment of their landing to their “democratic” views. How similar today. It is primarily those who embrace democracy over republicanism that are the loudest voices in favor of illegal immigration and amnesty.

One of the troublesome results of our broken immigration policy today is the creation of whole communities and subcultures in the United States who do not think of themselves as Americans, but as extensions of their mother nation. Not only must our borders be controlled more effectively, they need to be much more strict with who is being allowed access into the United States. For those who want to immigrate, there are many forms that must be filled out, starting with an i-864 form showing that someone can financially support themselves. Other forms require proving one’s identity, and there are forms for employment approval amongst numerous others. Recent efforts of incorporating interviews into border control procedures have been effective, they try to decipher why each person is looking to enter the country. There are many tips online (click here for example) for people who are looking to acquire a U.S. visa to find a better life for themselves and their family.

For governments, dealing with illegal immigration could be an arduous job to do. Keeping records of such immigrants could be difficult for administrations hence, states along the US tend to frame strict laws and rules to deal with these people. Such immigrants need to adopt legal ways to enter the United States. There are many provisions made by the government like H-1B, EB-2, and O-Visas for the people who are planning to work in the USA. Moreover, companies and start-ups working across the country can make sure that their employees are not facing any legal hurdles regarding immigration and citizenship. If this is the case, they can hire eminent lawyers from a law firm (visit this website who are specialized in dealing with such matters.

Illegal immigration should be halted, and when we do grant citizenship, there should be a stringent education administered designed to assimilate immigrants into America. And that same curriculum should be used to educate our own children as well. However, those people who actually want to be in the country to benefit themselves should be granted equal status to other people in the country.

As Webster said, “This is a matter of infinite consequence.” That consequence is the survival of liberty in our nation.