family(New York, NY)-The United Nations put a damper on Pride festivities last Thursday when it re-affirmed that the so-called “natural family” is the fundamental unit of society. The Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on “Protection of the Family” with a traditional definition of the family last Thursday, even as revelers readied themselves to celebrate gay pride weekend. It recognizes the importance of the family for society and individuals, and that countries must strengthen and protect the family.

The resolution not only echoes language from the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights about the family as the “natural and fundamental unit of society, but also states that the family is the “natural environment” for the education and development of children.

The resolution does not sit well with countries that recognise same-sex relationships as equal to opposite-sex relationships, with many governments opposing the definition and using their own instead. For many human rights campaigners, the UN’s choice of wording is a step back for equality, proving the continued need for Pride events across the globe. Many may be looking for the best flagpole company to use to fly their rainbow flags this weekend in defiance of the definition, and many buildings will be lit up in rainbow colours as a sign of solidarity.

As Pride events take place over the course of the month, it will be obvious that the UN is taking an unpopular view that no longer resonates with many. Same-sex couples around the world will be proudly waving their flags, knowing they are just as much a family as anyone else.

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