A new national survey of such pastors conducted by the Center for the Study of American Culture and Faith revealed that more than nine out of every ten of those pastors (95%) remain opposed to same-sex marriage – and most of them are vehemently opposed. Overall, 88% of the pastors described themselves as “strongly opposed” to allowing gays or lesbians to legally marry, and 7% said they are “somewhat opposed.” The remaining pastors were divided between those who favor same-sex marriage (3%) and those who would not take a stand on the issue (2%).

A concurrent survey among American adults conducted by Pew Research found that the public feels very differently. About half (49%) said they favor allowing gay people to legally marry while slightly less than half (44%) are opposed. The other 8% had not clarified their position on the issue yet.

Conservative pastors show little interest in reconsidering their position on the matter. Only one out of every 33 conservative pastors (3%) said they had changed their mind on the issue at some point in time…

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