The Festival of Hope celebrations are community outreach and expungement events offering free food, job fairs and community partner exhibits, including mentoring & coaching, grief counseling, health & wellness, free personal supplies AND no-charge expungement clinics dedicated to opening opportunities to individuals with criminal histories by helping them through the pardon or expungement process. Eligible participants are provided with one-on-one legal assistance through each step of the process. 

These ‘Festivals of Hope’ are truly amazing events with a variety of activities and resources for all community members!  Literally hundreds have been able to participate in no-charge, ‘fresh start’ expungement clinics and job fairs; therein beginning the process of clearing criminal records and setting sail towards better employment and housing opportunities. Hundreds more have participated in gathering free bags full of groceries, and new, seasonal wear, clothing putting a smile on many attendees’ faces! Also present were numerous local resource agencies. 

The grand finale, is always a free soul food dinner which is a delightful way to bring the community together; and all the while fresh Gospel music filled the air enriching the atmosphere for all attendees.

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