Americans are still discussing, dissecting and exploring the impact of the massive revivals that unfolded last month at Asbury University and other American campuses.

Christian Post reporter Michael Gryboski joined the most recent episode of “The Inside Story” to give the full scoop on what unfolded, why it matters — and to explain why these spiritual moments and movements were filled with so many surprises.

“It’s full of surprises from the fact that it even happened in the first place,” Gryboski said. “It’s something that definitely was not seen — it kind of just came.”

Among the most stunning pieces of the Asbury puzzle, he said, is the fact that the revival was started by young students who are part of Generation Z, widely known as the least faithful generation.

“So much is made of Generation Z and its tilt toward disbelief,” Gryboski said, noting this generation is the “least religious generation of Americans ever.” “But then again, other polling is showing that Gen Z Americans are very spiritually curious.”

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