I just love it when a movie more than lives up to its hype. That is how I feel about Jesus Revolution. I had heard great things, but I wasn’t expecting the movie to be phenomenal and to leave me with such joy and peace that I would want to see it again. And that’s high praise from someone who much prefers serial programming to movies.

Based on the true story of Pastor Chuck Smith, hippie preacher Lonnie Frisbee, and an up-and-coming pastor named Greg Laurie, this movie walks viewers through the Jesus Revolution that began in California in the late 1960s, spread to several states, and lasted until the early 1970s.

A Most Unusual Revolution

Chuck Smith is the pastor of a small nondenominational church with a dwindling congregation. When he meets Lonnie Frisbee, played by The Chosen’s Jonathan Roumie, a spark is ignited. What follows is nothing short of miraculous.

Frisbee’s charismatic and joyful countercultural ways are just what is needed to energize the congregation. But tensions mount when Lonnie brings in hordes of hippies, as the regular churchgoers see only unwashed and homeless drug addicts. They don’t look at who the hippies are as people, and they fail to see them as human beings.

However, their initial assumptions are wrong.

While many of these hippies had struggled with drug use or addiction, they found that the high they got or the psychedelic experience they encountered soon faded. And they found themselves still wanting, still searching for whatever it was they were searching for when they began using drugs.

They soon came to realize that what they were searching for could not be found in a drug. What they were searching for could only be found in the love of Jesus, the saving grace of Our Lord, and the mercy only He can offer. As Lonnie said at one point, these people were searching and searching, but there was still a void.

Read full story here: https://stream.org/jesus-revolution-a-phenomenal-story-of-christs-love/