23-year-old Dusti Talavera was looking outside when she saw three children, ages 4, 6, and 11, suddenly fall through the ice on a frozen pond. And she did not hesitate to jump right in to save them.

Full story here: https://www.godupdates.com/kids-saved-from-frozen-pond-dusti-talavera/?

“I was looking out my window and saw a couple of kids walking on the ice pond. A few seconds later, I saw them fall in,” she said. “Instinct was to go outside and help them. I just kind of put some shoes on and ran out. Nobody was really outside, so I mean, it was me. I just knew it was me that had to do it.”

Dusti was able to pull out the 4 and 11-year-old on her own but was having trouble getting the 6-year-old out of the freezing water. That’s when a teenage relative of the 6-year-old girl jumped in to help. When they brought her back to the surface, she was no longer breathing.