Worship artist Sean Feucht announced on Facebook today that he is running for Congress.

Feucht—who is well-known for his Spirit-led worship and especially for his work with Bethel—will run as a Republican in California’s third district against Democratic Congressman John Garamendi, according to US Elections.

Feucht has grown in popularity in Christian circles not only as a musician, but also as a missionary and an author of five books, including Integrity: Character of the Kingdom. He founded the global grassroots worship, prayer and missions organization Burn 24/7, which was featured in Charisma magazine in April 2017. And earlier this year, he released Wild, his first album as a Bethel Music artist and 16th overall.

If you think it sounds a bit strange for a Spirit-filled worship artist to run for Congress, you’re not alone. Feucht’s campaign website acknowledges the decision as perhaps “an odd path for a man who doesn’t even own a suit. But that’s the kind of man Sean Feucht is, one who steps up to make a difference and bring hope when he is called upon. Sean Feucht is the opposite of a typical politician; he is a man of action.”

Along with his written announcement directing followers to his political Facebook page, Feucht posted a campaign video.

“We need a new generation of leaders,” Feucht’s wife, Kate, says on the video. “Leaders who don’t seek a career but who are willing to sacrifice their careers to fight for what is right. Leaders like Sean Feucht. Sean doesn’t look like the average politician because he’s not. A man of faith, a man of mission, a man of character and integrity, not driven by ego, but by purpose.”

The Feuchts live in Redding, California, with their four children: Keturah, Malachi, Ezra and Zion.

Reprinted with permission: https://www.charismanews.com/video/78186-spirit-filled-worship-artist-sean-feucht-running-for-congress