Bill Federer
“The Survival of Christian Civilization”

President William Howard Taft had stated at a missionary conference in 1908:

“No man can study the movement of modern CIVILIZATION from an impartial standpoint, and not realize that Christianity and the spread of Christianity are the basis of hope of modern CIVILIZATION in the growth of popular self government.

The spirit of Christianity is pure democracy. It is equality of man before God – the equality of man before the law, which is, as I understand it, the most God-like manifestation that man has been able to make.”

In 1923, in his last public address, titled “The Road Away from Revolution,” President Woodrow Wilson warned:

“In these doubtful and anxious days, when all the world is at unrest … the road ahead seems darkened by shadows which portend dangers …

Ground for the universal unrest … is not to be found in superficial politics or in mere economic blunders.

It probably lies deep at the sources of the spiritual life of our time …”

Wilson added:

“That supreme task, which is nothing less that the salvation of CIVILIZATION, now faces democracy …

We call ours a Christian CIVILIZATION, a Christian conception of justice …

Our CIVILIZATION cannot survive materially unless it be redeemed spiritually. It can be saved only by becoming permeated with the spirit of Christ and being made free and happy by the practices which spring out of that spirit.”

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