Exclusive: Guest Column – Dr. Gary Miller

gary-and-dana-360Politicians bow down to the will of the prevailing culture. In the current culture war someone’s values will prevail.

Politicians can count. They know half of all Christians in America don’t register to vote. They are also aware that half of those Christians who register to vote will never cast a ballot.

Politicians are actors on a stage, performing a script written by the audience. They are not influenced by those who speak up, but they pay close attention to those who show up.

When politicians look at a petition presented by a group of Christians, they count the signatures and divide by four. Remember your fractions? One half of one half is one-fourth.

When politicians see a small group of protesters who have a reputation for contributing big money and consistently casting ballots, they multiply by ten. Their survival instincts warn them to steer their ship around the tip of the iceberg.

Christians don’t influence politicians by preaching sermons, signing petitions or going to church. They make their presence known and their voices heard by registering to vote and by casting ballots.

There is a huge difference between symbolism and substance. Politicians pay lip service to the former, but they pay attention to the latter.

All that glitters isn’t gold, and silence isn’t always golden. Sometimes it is just plain yellow. Perceived as cowards, Christians are seldom feared as a constituency.

american-renewal-2016-291-002Perception is the cruelest form of truth. The truth is that this perception of Christians will not change until their leaders stop tweeting and sermonizing about issues, and start mobilizing their people to vote with Biblical values.

Politicians do not fear the turn of a phrase in a snarky tweet or the gathering of empty suits at a leadership summit. They fear voter turnout.

Mobilizing pastors to inform and to inspire their people to register to vote and to enter the voting booth to express their Biblical convictions is not complicated. It is just hard.

Mobilization is consistent with the Scriptural admonition for Christians to be salt and light in a tasteless and sightless world.

The voting booth and the prayer closet have one thing in common. SILENCE.

Politicians listen to the faintest whisper of the voting booth. God inclines His ear to hear the cries of His children rising up to Him from their prayer closets.

NOTE TO SELF: Your vote is heard in the halls of government, but your prayers are answered in Heaven. Politicians fear informed voters. Satan fears answered prayers. The Soul of America is impacted by both. Cast your ballots and your prayers before the Lord. TALK LESS! PRAY MORE!

Dr. Gary Miller,