From metro Kansas City, he talks about being both a pastor and a public servant

“We’re not soft-peddling this thing. This effort will be costly. It will involve sacrifice. And that’s part of what I’m also trying to communicate to my two daughters—one of which is about to graduate from high school and another who is a freshman currently.

As a father and also as a husband, I want to live my life in a way that demonstrates for them what it looks like to be willing to sacrifice for something greater than one’s self. To be willing to step in and do something that is hard, that is costly, and that may not even be fair — but at the same time, the end game, what you’re striving to accomplish by far outweighs any of those costs.

So for us, we know the costs and the amount of time it’s going to require of me. But we realize there are a lot of people in this world who sacrificed more than I will have to sacrifice in doing this — and I think we owe it to those individuals for us to be able to pay this small price in comparison.”


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