BoB McEwenWhen former Ohio Congressman Bob McEwen speaks, people listen. God gave McEwen gifts of oratory, and we at the American Renewal Project put those talents to use when we gather across the nation for worship and the mobilizing of pastors and pews.

At these events, Bob tells a story to illustrate how politics works: An airline passenger turns to her seatmate and asks, “What is it that you do?” He replies, “I am a minister of the gospel.” She responds enthusiastically, “Oh that is wonderful! I think that spirituality is very important and I don’t care which religion because they all lead to the same place just using different roads. My son does something with crystals out in California, and it seems to have helped him. Besides, it’s the same God in all religions anyway. So, I think what you do is a really good thing!”

Now, she thinks she has paid the minister a compliment. However, she has just demonstrated that she doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about. 

The minister then turns to his other seatmate and asks, “What is it that you do?” He answers, “I am a member of Congress.” The minister then responds, “Oh that is terrific! I so respect people in public life. It is a good thing that you do. And, I don’t care which political party because there are good people in all parties. They are all trying to do what is best. I just vote for the best candidate.” 

Now, the minister thinks that he has paid the Congressman a compliment. However, he has just demonstrated that he hasn’t a clue about how politics and government works. 

ARP freedom requires virtue 2016 2Can we talk politics? There’s nothing good or bad about the Democrat Party or the Republican Party. They are empty, holding vessels; like-minded constituents are housed there. And yet I can say without hesitation that evangelicals and pro-life Catholic Christians are not housed in the Democrat Party. Democrats believe in abortion and same-sex marriage, and both are incompatible with biblical Christian behavior.

Politics is about addition and multiplication, not subtraction and division… (continues)…


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