FL PastorWhen someone asks me ‘why’, my answer comes back quick and certain:  American cannot continue on the path she is on. Nor can we afford to send back to D.C. the very same people who have been there for the past several years.

My wife and I have just faced quite likely the most life altering decision of our marriage. We have elected to go forward and place our name this January for the 11th District congressional seat in Florida.

Since September 11, 2001 my life has been on a trajectory to see our nation restored to its moral foundation. I have preached it until I was blue in the face–but it hasn’t been enough.

Several years ago I got that clear unction that one day I would run for office. I kind of passed it off as a reflection of my desire to see our nation brought back to its moorings, but the feeling never went away.

In May I attended a Pastors Conference in Orlando, where David Lane brought together pastors from all over Florida with the challenge that some would allow their names to be included in upcoming elections.

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