“Your Founding Fathers came over… with the doctrines of the New Testament as well as the Old… No other country in the world started that way…”-Margaret Thatcher, “I’m afraid democracy’s fundamental religious roots are weakening.”

Known as “The Iron Lady” for her stand against communism, Margaret Thatcher was born OCTOBER 13, 1925.

She became the first woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at a time when England’s government was facing bankruptcy, unemployment was on the rise, and there were conflicts with labor unions.

Margaret Thatcher successfully turned the country around by cutting social welfare programs, reducing trade union power and privatizing several industries.

On February 5, 1996, while traveling through New York City, Margaret Thatcher had an interview with Joseph A. Cannon, printed in Human Events.

Offering advice to America, Margaret Thatcher explained:

“Biblical basis affects one’s whole view, attitude and outlook… The notion of human rights comes from the sanctity on the individual… The Decalogue – Ten Commandments – are addressed to each and every person. This is the origin of our common humanity and of the sanctity of the individual. Each one has a duty to try to carry out those commandments. You don’t get that in any other political creed…”


Margaret Thatcher continued:

“It isn’t merely about democracy and liberty… It is personal liberty with personal responsibility.

Responsibility to your parents, to your children, to your God. This really binds us together in a way that nothing else does.

If you accept freedom, you’ve got to have principles about the responsibility. You can’t do this without a biblical foundation.”

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