Defund Planned Parenthood Red GirlWith the recent revelations of the repugnant  nature of the abortion travesty taking place across America under the evil machinations of Planned Parenthood reminds Amercia that we can no long tolerant their behavior.  This unpleasant and revolting business has been going on beyond close doors with many grateful that the gruesome details are beyond knowing.  No longer.  We are reminded that this practice fueled with over half a billion dollars in tax payer subsidies must stop. Click here to do something!

The church of America must take up this cause if it has any moral or biblical foundations remaining.

How does one person, one congregation one community, one state one region stand against this abomination that is nation wide, rich and well supported? How does one not! Click here to do something!

This summer every Memeber of congress returns home to their districts for a portion. Of their summer recess and while the temperature might reach high on thermometer each of us make make the political thermometer ever hotter.

We must educate those whom we hold some influence and engage them to reach out through calls,,social media and personal contacts to each member of congress and obtain their commitment they will support the complete defunding of this barbaric entity. No tax dollars for planned parenthood, no excuses, no loop holes, no exceptions.  Click here to do something!

And we must follow through and ensure in the next election and every election afterward we hold them accountable.  This issue must become the priority issue. No dodging, no bobbing no wiggling around with parliamentary gimmick.  No tax credits, give always or trade votes came wipe away the evil that these fund our own tax dollars support any more.  Silence is not an option.  Click here to do something!