BibleinSchoolStudents at a high school near St. Louis, Mo., reportedly arrived on campus Thursday carrying their Bibles as a form of protest after two students claimed a teacher banned them from reading the Bible while they walked down a school hallway.

The incident began when Angela English, mother of 15-year-old Kiela English, took to Facebook to express her dismay after her daughter was reportedly reprimanded by a teacher at Potosi High School for reading her Bible to herself in a school hallway. Kiela had reportedly been walking down the hallway with a friend, the two of them silently reading a Bible passage and then discussing its content with each other, when a teacher stopped them, telling them they could not be “pushing their religion” while at school.

“A teacher called them over and told them that they had to put it away – that this wasn’t the place – that they can’t be pushing their religion on people. They weren’t pushing religion. They were just discussing it privately,”…

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