medalThe Evangelical Christian who was originally relieved of duty for his beliefs on marriage—is now receiving an award from the same Defense Department that was previously threatening him with a possible court martial.

Breitbart News’ Aug. 25, 2013 news report on Monk explained how when he returned from deployment to Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, in Texas, he found he had a new commanding officer. This new commander, Maj. Elisa Valenzuela, was openly lesbian and reportedly referred to a particular base chaplain as a bigot because he taught the biblical Christian belief that homosexual acts are a sin.

Monk served in the 326th Training Squadron. As we reported, when Valenzuela wanted to severely punish a lower-ranking trainer who cited gay marriage as a socially-divisive matter that could lead to cultural decline in the same way the Roman Empire declined from within and sought Monk’s recommendation on how to respond, he instead counseled that Valenzuela should use this as an example to teach diversity and tolerance for opposing viewpoints. Valenzuela told Monk that they were not on the same page and that he had better change if he wanted to continue serving as the senior sergeant for that unit.

Then came the incident last summer, alleged in Monk’s official religious-discrimination complaint filed on Aug. 20, 2013…

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