Just because tecOpinionhnology enables us to easily express our opinions, it doesn’t mean we always should. Since the rise of the culture wars—when segments of the Church saw differences in values as an attack on faith—the idea that we are called to defend our beliefs has seeped into our understanding of what Christianity is all about.

In the last two days, if you signed on to Twitter or Facebook—assuming some of the people in your network are Christians—you undoubtedly read a lot about the comments of Duck Dynasty’s No. 1 beard, Phil Robertson.

For those who somehow missed the story, here are the basics: The star of cable’s top show created a firestorm of controversy after making inflammatory statements about homosexuality and race in a major magazine. In the wake of the blowback, the cable network A&E placed the family patriarch on indefinite suspension from the show, distancing themselves from his comments, but also enraging many fans who saw the move as an attack on their values. Particularly pertaining to homosexuality.

Immediately, there were Christians everywhere that gave their two cents on the matter…

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