Bible-ReadingIf Hobby Lobby President Steve Green gets his way, students at an Oklahoma high school will be using a different kind of textbook next year.

Green, leader of the Oklahoma-based Christian retailer, has recommended a class for Mustang High School with a curriculum that focuses on the Bible.

The curriculum would include an introductory course covering “the Old and New Testaments and the Bible’s impact on society,” Three advanced courses would teach deeper history and cultural influence.

Mustang Public Schools Superintendent Sean McDaniel invited Green to give a presentation of the teachings at the latest school board meeting. McDaniel says the class would strictly be an elective and still must go through a curriculum committee, the school board and a vote before it is approved.

“A state law that passed several years ago made a provision for public school districts to offer an elective course through social studies or through the English department called ‘The Bible in the Curriculum…

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