WombPlanned Parenthood claims to be the ultimate “sexual health” expert, especially for women. But, when you look a little deeper, what will you find? A federally funded, corrupt business relying on a vicious cycle of bad decisions.

Not only is the nation’s largest abortion vendor currently under investigation by the GAO (Government Accountability Office) for double billing Medicaid, but now they are being paid more than $650,000 as official “Obamacare Navigators” to push women and men to sign up for Obamacare, which they stand to make hundreds of millions from. This puts the federal government and U.S. taxpayers in the same, dirty bed as Planned Parenthood.

This fall, Students for Life of America is exposing Planned Parenthood for the corrupt and dirty abortion vendor they are by taking our Planned Parenthood Project to over 40 schools in 20 states. We want students to know what Planned Parenthood’s real plan is for them.

What’s been the most shocking so far on campuses? Pro-choice students are thanking us for exposing the truth.

Because no matter where you fall on the abortion question, no one wants to feel like they are being targeted and used by a business, which is exactly Planned Parenthood’s model…

Full story:  http://www.christianpost.com/news/planned-parenthoods-conflict-of-interest-105843/