Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation
By Steve Deace

Imagine for a moment that your home is invaded by thugs who will do harm to your family, or perhaps even kill them. But then one of them takes a look at your three children and offers you a sinister Faustian bargain: pick one to die and the others will be allowed to live.

Would you helplessly choose one of your own children to die so that the other two may live? Would you trust a person whose moral conscience is so far gone to even offer such a deal to live up to his end of it?
For a generation the pro-life industry – I call it an industry because in many quarters it long ago sadly ceased being a movement – has offered this false choice to pro-life voters and activists in America every election cycle. It has told them they have to put up with a certain amount of innocent babies being slaughtered from “pro-life with exceptions” Republicans to win elections, because the Democrats will just kill them all. Nonetheless, the killing continues no matter who wins.

Yet what kind of father would consent to the killing of even one of his children in such circumstances? Would the father who consented to such a heinous exchange be celebrated as a hero for saving two of his children, or considered a heel for not risking his own life to save the lives of his own children first? Wouldn’t a good father recognize that as an American he possesses the God-given right to self defense? Therefore, he does everything he can – including lethal force if necessary – to try and save all of his children.

I believe the killing continues because the Church of Jesus Christ in America is not outraged by it enough to make it stop, and one of the symptoms of our complacency are the scores of spineless “pro-life” politicians we continue to support.
For example, we have accepted the contradiction known as “pro-life with exceptions.” If someone is pro-life, how can there be exceptions? Imagine if you told your spouse before marriage you were “pro-fidelity with exceptions.” The only exception you’re asking for is a three-hour window on Thursday nights to get your adultery on. After all, there are 8,760 hours in a year and you’re only asking for less than 2% of them. Not to mention, your fiancé could choose to marry someone else, and they might be even worse and cheat on them even more if not all the time. Why not choose the lesser of two evils here?

No fiancé in her right mind would accept such a deal, but that’s just what we have accepted from the GOP…

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