My wife Cindy and two of our daughters attended college on Title IX volleyball scholarships.

The story of the transgender sprinter’s victory in the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes at the Connecticut State Track and Field Championships forebodes the ruin of women sports over the next quarter century.

A person’s sex is biological, not psychological. Those who attempt to make what is false true, and what is true false, must be confronted. To remain silent is a commitment to subsist in a morally upturned world.

LGBTQ advocates (same-sex intercourse and marriage crusaders) seek to impose a standard where society never engages in a conversation about sin. Of course, if the act of homosexuality is not sin, then running around on one’s spouse is not sin; if adultery is not sin, then stealing from the 7-Eleven is not sin.

As former Missouri State Senator Jim Lembke stated:
•    If there is truth, there must be a higher authority that establishes that truth.
•    If everything is truth, then nothing is true.
•    If there is not a set of standards that are objectively true, then truth is relative.
•    If truth is relative then our freedom, liberty, and property are in danger.

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