Festival of Hope #3 Greensboro, NC 11.18.23
Free Criminal Record Expungement Clinic

Pastors and Local Ministry Leaders,

WOW! What an event! Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities.

This November’s Festival featured free clothing and food distribution, live music, and a free soul food dinner. Additionally, there was a no-charge expungement where over 500 folks were able to begin the process or record expungement and re-entry into the job market.

‘The Festival of Hope’ Greensboro is a community outreach and expungement event offering free food, a job fair and community partner exhibits, including mentoring & coaching, grief counseling, health & wellness, free personal supplies AND a no-charge expungement clinic dedicated to opening opportunities to individuals with criminal histories by helping them through the pardon or expungement process. Eligible participants will be provided with one-on-one legal assistance through each step of the process. Please note that pre-registration is a prerequisite to secure a slot at the expungement clinic, as staff and attorneys will be limited. 

‘The Festival of Hope’ Greensboro will introduce and build upon our past events in creating a warm and inclusive gathering, dedicated to celebrating friendship, acceptance, and the art of building bridges. The upcoming Greensboro festival will offer a full array of attractions, including complimentary clothing and food distribution, live musical performances, and a delectable soul food dinner—all free of charge. Everyone is welcome!

The main objective of the Festival of Hope is to craft a secure haven where every member of the community can congregate, enjoy a day of jubilation, and embrace fresh opportunities. Indeed, rejoicing in new beginnings is a powerful catalyst for unity!

Click on the image below to watch this short, inspirational, video summarizing our most recent “Festival of Hope” outreach. And, make plans to attend beginning at noon on November 18th at the Windsor Community Center in Greensboro!