Dear Iowa Pastor, Ministry Leader and Spouse,

You are cordially invited to join with Iowa ministry leaders and their spouses the upcoming Pastor Prayer Gatherings, on October 17, 2022; lunch, dinner or both!

These, all new, complimentary luncheons are exclusively for pastors, ministry leaders and their spouses. Details on the events can be found below. (No offering will be taken.) Special Guest: America’s Historian – William J. Federer

As pastors, ministry leaders and spouses, we must understand the times in which we live, and lead with Biblical insight to be salt and light in our cities, states, and nation. 

If you pastor a church, or lead a ministry, you are cordially invited to attend.

Thousands of church leaders and their spouses have attended these complimentary events across our nation – and 99.9% of attendees agree that the meetings have been insightful, educational, refreshing and a real blessing.

Come join us for a time of prayer, fellowship and encouragement.
– Ken Graves

Bring a ministry friend.