Last week Governor Greg Abbott gave the biennial, State of the State address to the Texas legislature. So that you can see what the Governor said, I have included a copy of his remarks. In his address, he issued a call. That call was directed specifically at us, the faith leader in Texas.

Texas has a critical problem with housing children that find themselves in crisis situations. These children are of all ages. Some need emergency relief housing, some need short term housing while they await adoption or transfer and some need longer-term housing. Many of these children are not eligible for adoption, but some are. Whatever their plight, the need is great.

Consequently, it is interesting to note that pretty much everyone can play a part in helping vulnerable people to find housing.

For example, if you work in the real estate sector or if you are a rental property owner, you might want to consider leasing your property at a reduced rate for those in need. Alternatively, you can also sell on properties that you no longer require to worthy causes. You can check out this selling rental property guide on roofstock for more information.

That being said, Governor and Mrs. Abbott have reached out to the place they know will provide these children loving and caring homes for whatever time frame is required to house them…they have called on the Church of Jesus Christ.

Both as Attorney General and now as Governor, Greg Abbott has had our back. He has fought long and hard to protect our families and guard innocent live. In his first session as Governor, he worked with the legislature to pass the Pastor Protection Act and proudly signed it into law surrounded by many of us in ministry. Following the signing and in a public display of his faith, join with the rest of the pastors in attendance and prayed.

Anyone that is around the First Lady knows that her faith is what guides her. She stands for the innocent with a love and determination that sets and example for all Texans. We are so grateful for Governor and Mrs. Abbott.

We now have the opportunity to show the world that we care…That when we are called upon to share the Light of the World, we do so knowing that just as Jesus reached out to us, we also reach out to children in need. I am asking you as a pastor or you as a lay leader to consider asking your congregation to join with one of the many Christian based children placement groups and find out if they are eligible to become foster parents. This is critical because if we don’t step up to the occasion, someone else will. That means a lost opportunity.

While Child Protective Services has a full list of almost 300 faith based service providers, many are overseen by our main line denominations. These groups can help with navigating the system and preparing your congregations for receiving children. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the list of providers.

Thank you for praying through this.


David Lane


Read Governor Abbott’s full Texas, State of the State 2017 Speech below:

Thank you to the House and Senate, the judiciary, statewide officials, fellow Texans.

I’m honored to join you today as we build an even broader path to prosperity for all Texans.

I’m especially proud to have by my side the fabulous First Lady of Texas, Cecilia Abbott.

From her deep faith and steady grace I’ve drawn strength during our 35 years of marriage.

Also by my side are two strong leaders working for the future of Texas: Lt. Gov. Patrick and Speaker Straus.

Today, I’m proud to report the State of Texas is exceptional.

Since my first State of the State two years ago, more kids are graduating from high school, we doubled the number of Tier One universities and more Texans have jobs today than ever before.

Sure, we had a downturn in the oil patch like we have almost every decade. And like every other time, Texas has come roaring back.

Last year when oil hit bottom, Texas still added more than 200,000 new jobs.

Our national and international rankings continue to rise. We are now second in the number of Fortune 500 companies. And with your help, we’ll soon be No. 1.

And as Comptroller Hegar noted, if Texas were its own country we would now be the 10th largest economy in the world. Our economy is larger than Australia, Canada and even Russia… read more here.