FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rev. William Cook, Founder & CEO


WHO Black Robe Regiment of Virginia, Virginia Christian Alliance, Watchmen on the Wall, The Virginia First Foundation
WHAT Virginia pastors and other members of the clergy will announce their active opposition to the “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI)” agenda, and efforts to mainstream sexual perversion, and indoctrinate Virginia’s children in our public schools.
WHEN Wednesday, February 1, 2017, 11:00 A.M. EDT
WHERE Virginia Christian Alliance

8659 Staples Mill Rd

Henrico, VA 23228

(804) 261-1570

WHY See attached article.
INTERVIEWS Press Conference participants and other members of the clergy will be available to respond to media questions following formal statements.

The Black Robe Regiment of Virginia (BRR-VA) was founded in September 2012 as a fellowship of Virginia clergy who seek to emulate the bold and courageous ministers who garrisoned the “Pulpit of the Revolution.” These “fighting parsons” were derided by British as the “Black Robed Regiment” for their black robes, preeminent role in “the Rebellion.” The British blamed the American clergy for the Revolution, and rightfully so, for they were chief agitators thereof, and forerunners of the political ideology immortalized in the Charters of Freedom. They wielded the Sword of the Lord in the pulpit, and sabre and musket on the battlefield; enlisted the men of their flocks in George Washington’s Continental Army, and some even led them into battle. Well did US lawyer, historian, antiquarian, and author John Wingate Thornton portray them as “men of great renown,” who “went into battle … with the word of God in their hearts and trusting in him. [T]heir learning, their holiness, their gravity, struck all that knew them with admiration. They were Timothies in their houses, Chrysostoms in their pulpits, [and] Augustines in their disputations…” The BRR-VA seeks to their legacy by leading a new Great Awakening, and asserting our own and the vital leadership and influence of the Church in civil government.

Theater of the Absurd

Rev. Bill Cook

Black Robe Regiment of Virginia

On Thursday, January 19, the Republican-controlled Subcommittee #4 of the General Laws Committee in the Virginia House of Delegates, tabled the Personal Privacy Act (House Bill 1612) in a voice vote, without discussion. Unconscionable. HB 1612 reads thus:

Personal Privacy Act. Creates the Physical Privacy Act, which requires that a government entity provide for members of the opposite sex separate restrooms and other facilities in a building owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the entity. The bill provides that, subject to certain exceptions, no individual shall enter a restroom or other facility designated for use by members of the opposite sex. The bill creates a civil cause of action against a government entity for an individual who accesses a restroom or other facility designated for use by members of such individual’s sex and encounters a member of the opposite sex if the government entity allowed the member of the opposite sex to use such restroom or other facility or failed to take reasonable steps to prohibit such use. The bill also requires that the principal of a public school notify within 24 hours the parent or guardian of a child attending such school if the child requests to be recognized or treated as the opposite sex, to use a name or pronoun inconsistent with the child’s sex, or to use a restroom or other facility designated for the opposite sex.

The bill, which was introduced by Delegate Bob Marshall (R-Prince William), would have mandated separate restrooms and other facilities (e.g. locker rooms, showers, changing areas) for members of the opposite sex, in buildings controlled by a government entity. Furthermore, HB 1612 would have disallowed coterminous facility use by members of the opposite sex, and members of the opposite sex whose “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” (SOGI) is at odds with the genitalia with which they were born.

Subcommittee #4 is comprised of the following seven Delegates.

Delegate Party-District Capitol Phone District Phone Email
Keith Hodges (Chair) R-98 (804) 698-1098 (804) 277-9801 [email protected]
Thomas Wright R-61 (804) 698-1061 (434) 696-3061 [email protected]
Barry Knight R-81 (804) 698-1081 (757) 426-6387 [email protected]
Richard Bell R-20 (804) 698-1020 (540) 448-3999 [email protected]
James Leftwich R-78 (804) 698-1078 (757) 382-4156 [email protected]
Delores McQuinn D-70 (804) 698-1098 (804) 277-9801 [email protected]
Lashrecse Aird D-63 (804) 698-1061 (434) 696-3061 [email protected]

Of the five-Member Republican majority on Subcommittee #4, only one, Thomas Wright (R-61st), possessed the guts and common sense to vote against tabling the bill. The rest, who were in political C.Y.A. mode, sold their souls for a seat in the Virginia General Assembly, and cast themselves for the “Theater of the Absurd” that is running in Richmond.

On Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 11:00 A.M. EDT, The Black Robe Regiment of Virginia will hold a press conference involving Virginia Pastors to announce our opposition to the “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI)” agenda, efforts to mainstream sexual deviance, and indoctrinate Virginia’s public school children.