scores18 reasons why we have joined America’s fastest growing educational trend

I’m going public today with a secret I’ve kept for a year—my husband and I are homeschooling our children. I never dreamed we would become homeschoolers. We never thought that we would find ourselves looking at somewhere like office monster to turn our home into a place where our children can relax and study. I wanted my kids integrated and socialized. I wanted their eyes opened to the realities of the world. I wanted the values we taught at home put to the test in the real world. We tried public school and our parish school. But necessity drove me to consider homeschooling for my 2nd and 4th graders, and so my husband and I timidly attended a home school parent meeting last spring.

An estimated 2.04 million k12 children are home educated in the United States, a 75% increase since 1999.

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