The San Antonio City Council, under the leadership of Mayor Julian Castro, is setting the stage for an unprecedented attack on religious liberty, particularly for Christians.

In early August, the City Council will consider an ordinance to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the discrimination ordinances in the city code. The proposal would ban anyone that has ever opposed (“demonstrated bias, by word or deed…”) homosexuality from being involved in city government and/or performing a city contract/subcontract. The proposed ordinance provides no exemptions for religious beliefs on homosexuality, even beliefs expressed in Church.

Christianity has been clear on its teaching that homosexuality is a sin, a deviation from God’s unique design of men and women, for over two thousand years. Both the Old and New Testaments attest to this viewpoint. This makes the likely consequences of this proposed ordinance clear to see: a complete ban of bible-believing Christians and faith-based businesses from participating in the city government.

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