Military Chaplains Launching Campaign to Protect Religious Freedoms – for Christians

Group will provide legal representation to persecuted Christian soldiers

A group of military chaplains is launching a campaign to protect religious freedom in the U.S. Armed Forces – but only for service members of the Christian faith.

The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty said Tuesday it planned to reach out to Christian members of the military in coming months to inform them of their “constitutionally guaranteed religious liberties.” The alliance will connect with those soldiers through its 2,400 member chaplains – which represent nearly half of the total number of chaplains in the military.

“They’ll receive a palm card… saying: here are your religious liberties and here is what to do if threatened,” said Ron Crews, the executive director of the alliance, at a press conference on Capitol Hill Tuesday. “They could receive counsel from chaplains, or legal representation.”

All 2400 members of the Chaplain Alliance come from evangelical or orthodox Christian backgrounds, according to Crews, despite chaplains representing a range of religious beliefs across the military.

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