A movie and PSA every American must watch
By Chuck Norris

“One by oneChuck Norris, we have lost the freedoms that our forefathers, our brothers in arms, and my son died for,” says the main character in a movie my wife, Gena, and I have been waiting anxiously to see in theaters.  (It opens nationwide on Fri., Sept. 14, coinciding with the 9/11 commemoration of Patriot Day.)

We are very excited to announce that ‘Last Ounce of Courage’ has been named first theatrical motion picture to be awarded with my “Chuck Norris Seal of Approval,” in promotion of this independent film.

As the PRNewswire release explained, “‘Last Ounce of Courage’ is an intergenerational story of a grieving father inspired by his grandson to take a stand for faith and freedom against a tide of apathy and vanishing liberty. Alongside fellow citizens of courage, faith and integrity, he champions the cherished principles we the people hold dear.“[i]

Last Ounce of Courage” could be the story of any small town across America, and indeed it  is the story of thousands!  Overrun by political correctness and secular progressivism, the town’s mayor Bob Revere, played by our great friend Marshall Teague (“Roadhouse,” “The Rock” and “Armageddon”), fights the dark forces that are stripping citizens’ freedoms, one by one.  Led by the behemoth, the “American Civil Liberties Organization,” who is headed by a villain character played by former NFL great Fred Williamson (“Black Caesar”), Revere initially stands alone as he wonders if the sun is finally going down on his small town’s traditional values.[ii]

Challenged by his grandson–played by Hunter Gomez (“National Treasure”)–and his wife Dottie–played by Academy Award nominee Jennifer O’Neill (Summer of ’42), Revere’s culture war culminates when he takes a stand that will either break or revive his and his townspeople’s latent faith and patriotism.[iii]

I will also let you in on a little secret about the movie: the mega-inspiring speech given by Marshall Teague’s character near the end of the movie from atop a downtown building was unscripted and flowed from his patriot passion in a way that rivals the best patriotic or faith orator.

I would also be amiss if I did not mention that Marshall’s dear wife and our dear friend, Lindy, has been a ginormous strength and support to Marshall over the years and in his movies–just as my wife Gena has been for me.  Together, they had to face many opposing forces who didn’t want this movie made or seen by the public. Gena and I are honored to join them in New York during the first week of September to help promote this courageous patriotic movie.

The film is being produced by Veritas Entertainment, known for creating entertainment centered around traditional values of family, faith and freedom.  Coinciding with release of the film, too, the producers are launching a new social media platform, StandUSA, designed to bring together and motivate Americans in the fight for freedom and preserving liberty.  Moreover, a similar Facebook network has been created as well to assist us patriots.[iv]

There is no more perfect time than right now for the release of “Last Ounce of Courage,” being roughly two months away from electing a new president.  It can help us take back America.    In particular, it can help motivate the 30 million evangelical Christians who stayed home during the 2008 election when Obama won the presidency by 10 million votes. 

Reawakening that religious giant within our republic is also why my wife, Gena, and I filmed a brand new PSA that we titled, “God and country“- a challenging message for people of faith everywhere to rise up, get out of the pew, onto the battlefield, and into the voting booths.

This General Election could be our last chance to save our republic as our founders created and knew it, and it’s going to take all of our last ounces of courage to do it.

Founding Father Thomas Paine might as well been writing these words from “The Crisis” for our time, because the words are equally as apropos: “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

Don’t walk but run to see “Last Ounce of Courage“!  And then ride like Paul Revere and tell all your social media friends to do the same!

Visit http://www.LastOunceTheMovie.com for more information about “Last Ounce of Courage,” including where it is showing in your area and to see additional trailers.

Thank you,

Chuck Norris