We really thought we knew Him, we answered His call and we followed. A mis-matched band of men we were sailing off into tomorrow. I never knew a man to work so hard and spend himself like Him. And at last I saw Him finally lay down, while His old light was growing dim. And darkness came as did the wind. That lake became a beast, that howled and roared and reached for us, thirteen mortals for its feast. All I believed now seemed a lie and nothing made any sense. Waves of terror washed over my soul, each one even more intense. I felt my way to the back of the boat to where I’d seen Him lay. So human was He, that in His fatigue, despite those pounding waves, He slept. Like a man unaware that there was any reason for fear. Like one who knew just where he was going, and what He was doing here. Then one angry thought broke through my fear as my panic reached its peak. It erupted out of the hostile question I could not help but speak. We’re going to Die! I cried out loud, to the one who would lead us there. You said, “Let’s go over”, but we’re going under how is it that you don’t care? At first He said nothing but seemed to be struggling with a mind not fully awakened. Straight from His dream into our nightmare, yet He wasn’t the least bit shaken

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