Save the date!

January 20 and 21, 2020

Pastors, and ministry leaders, you and your spouse are cordially invited to attend the California Renewal Project event to be held in Anaheim on January 20th and 21st

Come join with hundreds of church and ministry friends, and their spouses, for a time of relaxation, education and rejuvenation. You will hear from many inspirational speakers, including special guest Charlie Kirk, Pastor Ken Graves, Dennis Prager, Pastor Rob McCoy, and many others. Your hotel stay, meals and sessions are free of charge. No offering will be taken.

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Overnight accommodations and event seating will be limited.
So, be sure to register.

Tens of thousands of church leaders have attended Pastors and Pews events across the nation – and the post-event surveys have one thing in common: 99.9% of pastors and spouses agree that these events have been insightful, educational, refreshing and a real blessing. And, that is our intent, to bless you and your spouse with an all expenses covered afternoon, evening and morning full of spiritual refreshment

Watch the videos below to see what pastors and spouses have to say about attending these inspirational events.

The next Great Awakening hinges on the prayers of God’s people.

Virtue and righteousness are key components of freedom. Pastor, you and your wife are invited to attend an American Renewal Project event. Come, be inspired and awakened in a new and refreshing way.

Pastors are those who believe that Religious Liberty is worth protecting for this, and the next, generation. What we do at Renewal events is spiritual; only the by product is political.

For without God’s mercy there is no hope. Come join us in celebration of our freedom, and let’s pray together for what we do not deserve…mercy!

Pastor Lawerence Wilkins share his experience at the Renewal Project.

As Pastors and Minitry Leaders we must understand the times in which we live, lead with Biblical insight to be salt and light in our cities, states across the nation.

Pastor, you may also want to consider attending an Issachar Training event. By simple arithmetic, if the Lord called 1,000 pastors to run in 2016 and if they averaged 300 volunteers per campaign, then that would mean 300,000 ground-level Evangelicals working within their local precincts. When California pastor, Rob McCoy, ran for office this fall, he saw 625 volunteers join in his campaign. A similar grassroots, Evangelical movement-from coast-to-coast-would change America for good.

Someone’s values are going to reign supreme.

Dr. Fred Lowery describes what it is like to attend an American Renewal Project event, and why you should consider attending.