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The Iowa Civil Rights Commission has determined that churches—and their regular services—must comply with all aspects of the state’s Civil Rights Act, including those related to sexual orientation and gender identity. 

In 2007, the Iowa General Assembly enacted—with little fanfare—a new provision of the state’s Civil Rights Act that established sexual orientation and gender identity as “protected classes.”

And, for the next nine years, it was, more or less, a non-issue for most Iowans. But, with the Obama Administration’s push for full enforcement of “civil rights” for those engaged in what Christian teachings describe as sexual immorality, that law is coming back to the forefront in a major way.

The Iowa Civil Rights Commission has distributed a new flyer to a number of churches across the state that is meant to “educate” them about the Iowa Civil Rights Act and how it applies to them. To a casual reader, it may not appear to be a problem for churches, which have often pointed to their First Amendment protections.


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