Our brother John Piper is an honorable Christian scholar and gives a thorough defense of his reason for his conviction. However, I can only agree with some of it.

Piper believes that the call to love our enemies and to patiently endure persecution precludes self-defense—and even more importantly, the defense of the defenseless. But I do not believe that it is one or the other (either love enemies or protect others).

I find a place in between the spirit of our brother Falwell’s statements and Piper’s convictions. There is a balance between these two brother’s words.

Christians have a duty to be loving and patient “toward outsiders,” like sheep among wolves (Colossians 4:5). But there is also a duty for us be willing to bravely protect others.

To the question of “May I shoot my wife’s assailant?” I would say the Scripture commands us to not avenge ourselves. Therefore, I must NOT shoot the assailant simply because he did assail. However, it is quite another matter altogether if I am in the position to prevent the assailing from happening. Then, it is then my DUTY as a Christian husband to shoot that assailant. Again, not to avenge but to prevent.

Further, I also disagree with Piper’s attempt to nullify the position that we, as American citizens, are “those in authority” in what GOD has given us here.

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