voteWhat would America be like today if just 4 percent of evangelical Christians had voted differently in 2012? Would it still be facing exploding debts, moral bankruptcy and growing international dangers?

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee addressed this question at The Awakening 2015 conference in Orlando, Florida, earlier this year. “Now here’s the sad part,” the former Arkansas governor said. “There are 80 million self-identified evangelicals in America today. You know how many are registered to vote? Half of them. But of the half that are registered do you know how many voted in the last presidential election? Half of them. And how many of them voted in the off-year election of 2014? Half of that number. If 4 percent more had voted differently in the 2012 presidential election … we would be talking today about (a different administration).”

In America, we have the freedom to select our leaders through the voting process. That’s why what we see happening to our great country is such a needless tragedy. If we had simply voted, the unraveling of America now unfolding around us may have been averted…

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