MikeHGovernor Mike Huckabee is in the midst of a 10,000-mile trek across Krakow, London, and California – retracing the steps of Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan.

I was asked by the sponsor, David Lane of the American Renewal Project, to come along. Over 100 political and faith leaders are accompanying Governor Huckabee on his journey.


Our first stop was emotionally overwhelming… But it’s at this place that Huckabee’s mission became crystal clear.

A Painful Past: The Final Solution

We all congregated in the Nazi death camp, known as Auschwitz, near Krakow. If you don’t know much about Krakow, over one million prisoners died at Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau (a second camp built nearby) combined. The Nazis attempted to completely liquidate the Jewish race here. They called it the “Final Solution.”

Our guide called this place “the world’s largest cemetery without a grave marker. After gassing the men, women, and children, the Nazis burned their bodies and spread the ash on nearby agricultural land as fertilizer.”

At first, we entered the main gate, above which was written the Nazi slogan: “Work makes you free.” Upon arrival …

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Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/huckabee-celebrates-victory-good-over%e2%80%8b-evil/#ZxYjWuCVikXuGscP.99