Air Force Officer Faces Review over Bible

By Todd Starnes The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is demanding an Air Force major be “aggressively punished” for having an open Bible on his desk at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colo. “It [the Bible] is very obviously a statement of Christian preference, Christian primacy,” MRFF founder Mikey Weinstein told me. “Had that been the Book of Satan or the Koran there would be blood in the freaking streets.” Click here for a free subscription to Todd’s American Dispatch: a must-read for Conservatives He accused Maj. Steve Lewis, a supervisor at the Reserve National Security Space Institute,...

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“God told me you laid hands on the wrong building, but you had the right faith.”

NASHVILLE (BP) — Dwayne Lewis and members of New Season Baptist Church walked from their temporary meeting place at an elementary school to a vacant church building across the street where the 150 men, women and children laid hands on the building and prayed. Bordeaux Baptist Church in Nashville held its final service Aug. 7, deeding the building to New Season Church that has operated for six years as a mobile mission. Photo from Google “All of us we went over there and we believed God for that building, but that wasn’t the building,” Lewis told Baptist Press, saying...

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Evangelical leaders pray for protection of the Trump family

“Pray for me. I pray for you,” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told an audience of 700 evangelical leaders in Florida on Thursday. “This will be an election that will go down in the history books. For evangelicals, for Christians, for everybody of religion. This may be the most important election that our country has ever had. So go out and spread the word. And once I get in, I will do my thing that I do very well. And I figure it is probably, maybe the only way I’m going to get to heaven. So I better do...

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“The is the most important election in our lifetime.”

From the Desk of Mike Huckabee Dear Friend: Last Friday I substituted for Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel, and invited Franklin Graham, Dr. Robert Jeffress and the American Renewal Project’s David Lane to be my guests. Here is the link to the 5 minute segment. We say every four years, “The is the most important election in our lifetime.” This truly is! If Evangelical and Pro-Life Catholic Christians do not register and vote on Election Day, the encroachment of transgender bathrooms by the Obama Administration is only the beginning. Kentucky clerk Kim Davis’ incarceration last September will...

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Trump to make surprise visit to evangelical pastors in Florida

Donald Trump is planning a surprise visit Thursday to a major gathering of evangelical pastors in Florida, where he will describe how he will repeal a federal law viewed by many Christians as gagging the clergy from expressing political viewpoints. According to Trump’s advisors, the Republican presidential nominee will support the repeal of the Johnson Amendment, a 1954 change to the federal tax code that prohibits tax-exempt organizations like churches from endorsing or advocating the defeat of political candidates. Full story...

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