How a Monk in Germany influenced America’s Founding

On OCTOBER 31, 1517, an Augustinian monk named Martin Luther posted 95 debate questions on the door of Wittenberg Church, which began the movement known as ‘the Reformation.’ In 1521, 34-year-old Martin Luther was summoned to stand trial before the most powerful man in the world, 21-year-old Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Charles V of Spain’s empire spanned nearly 2 million square miles across Europe, the Netherlands, the Far East, North and South America, and the Caribbean. The Philippine Islands were named after his son, King Philip II of Spain. The sun never set on the Spanish Empire. At...

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Franklin Graham Exhorts Christians to Vote

Franklin Graham is exhorting evangelical and pro-life Catholic Christians to show up in record numbers on Election Day, this coming Tuesday, Nov. 8. Pastors please share with your congregation this 19-second spot on Sunday. We say every four years, “The is the most important election in our lifetime.” This truly is! If evangelical and pro-life Catholic Christians do not register and vote on Election Day, the encroachment of transgender bathrooms by the Obama administration is only the beginning. Kentucky clerk Kim Davis’ incarceration last September will be only the warm-up act. You are next!” As you may recall, I substituted...

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Stock Market Crash “Our Country & World are involved in More than a Financial Crisis” -Hoover

October 29, 1929, the New York Stock Exchange crashed. Panic ensued as Wall Street sold 16,410,030 shares in a single day. Billions of dollars were lost and America plunged into the Great Depression. An estimated 15 million Americans were unemployed and nearly half of all banks failed. The Great Depression began with a rapid contraction of credit.  This occurred despite the existence of the Federal Reserve which was created with promises that it would prevent financial panics. Democrat Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan had stated (Hearst’s Magazine, Nov 1923): “The Federal Reserve Bank that should have been the...

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Statue of Liberty – “America–a last effort of Divine Providence in behalf of the human race.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World was dedicated OCTOBER 28, 1886. Standing 305 feet above the pedestal base, the 450,000 lbs statue was a gift from France. Earlier statues in history were the Colossus of Rhodes, and the Colossus of Nero, both around 100 feet high. The Statue of Liberty was built by Gustave Eiffel, the builder of the Eiffel Tower, according to the design of Auguste Bartholdi, who wrote: “The statue was born for this place which inspired its conception. May God be pleased to bless my efforts and my work, and to crown it with success,...

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“Crowning outrage has been committed by the Turks on the Armenians … “-Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was born OCTOBER 27, 1858. His wife and mother died on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1884. He wrote in his diary “The light has gone out in my life.” Depressed, he left to ranch in the Dakotas. Returning to New York, he entered politics and rose to Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He resigned during the Spanish-American War, organized the first Volunteer Cavalry, “the Rough Riders,” and helped capture Cuba’s San Juan Hill. Elected Vice-President under William McKinley, he became America’s youngest President in 1901 when McKinley was assassinated. Republican Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to invite an African American, Booker T. Washington, to dine in the White House on October 16, 1901.  A Southern Democrat newspapers condemned him it, as printed in The Memphis Scimitar: “The most damnable outrage which has ever been perpetrated by any citizen of the United States was committed yesterday by the President, when he invited a n- to dine with him at the White House.  It would not be worth more than a passing notice if Theodore Roosevelt had sat down to dinner in his own home with a Pullman car porter, but Roosevelt the individual and Roosevelt the President are not to be viewed in the same light.” In 1909, Theodore Roosevelt warned: “The thought of modern industry in the hands of Christian charity is a dream worth dreaming....

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