American Renewal in Krakow

The American Renewal Project initiated and produced Mike Huckabee’s Reagan, Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II Tour with Evangelical leaders from Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, & Nevada in November 2014. The trip was one of the highlights of a lifetime. (view itinerary here) We began in Krakow, Poland, where Cardinal Karol Wojtyla began his march toward Rome, and thereupon became Pope John Paul II. Schindler’s Factory is located in Krakow and nearby is the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau. When Karol Wojtyla stepped out on the Vatican balcony on October 16, 1978, as Pope John Paul II, the person preaching in...

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Out of the building and into the square

  The American moralist and social critic Russell Kirk (1918-1994) made the case for cultural renewal in his collection of essays, titled Redeeming the Time. “During the past three decades, the influence has grown of those Americans who would prefer to stride along without any divinely-ordained mission – who believe, indeed, that the American Republic could do famously without bothering about God. The Supreme Court of the United States has tended to side with these militant secularists, correctly styled ‘humanitarians’ by (Orestes) Brownson. Humanitarian liberals, Brownson wrote in his American Republic, are the enemies – if sometimes the unwitting...

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God banned from public school

How did America arrive at the place where God is barred from public schools and sex and aberrant sexual practices are promoted?Someone must be held accountable. Last week we quoted from a public school program for 13 and 14 year olds: “Oral sex, anal sex, sexual fantasy, masturbation, touching each others genitals, and vaginal intercourse all equal to saying, ‘I like you’.” Public schools and Higher Learning have become the prime movers and promulgators of America’s reprobate culture. (Read that message here.) How did we arrive at the place where knowledge of God is banned from public schools, while “oral sex and...

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Changing of the Gods in America

The Founders arrived at America’s shores in the 17th century with an unshakeable faith, forged by persecution for “non-conformity, and the religious agitations and conflicts in Germany by Luther, in Geneva by Calvin, and in Scotland by Knox. The blood and persecution of martyrs became the seed of both the church and the state. They were trained in stormy times, in order to prepare them to elaborate and establish the fundamental principles of civil and religious liberty and of just systems of civil government.”Thus, “Our forefathers in faith did not retreat from involvement in society and politics. They did not turn...

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Pastor Unseats Sitting US Congressman: Could This Be a New Trend?

  WASHINGTON – In a stunning upset, Mark Harris defeated Rep. Robert Pittenger Tuesday night in North Carolina’s 9th District primary. Harris, a former pastor of a mega-church in Charlotte, is one of many candidates across the country with a ministerial background. One of his staunchest supporters is David Lane, founder of the American Renewal Project, an organization that aims to encourage and equip pastors to run for office with the goal of affecting the culture. Related For Such a Time as This? Hundreds of Pastors Seek Political Offices Why Americans Need to Know the Faith of Presidential Candidates...

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