To those who say there is no war on Christmas

Christmas is the most notable day on the calendar where the general American public is reminded of the life of Jesus Christ. That is why some want to do away with it. Someone sent me an article from USA Today, which has this headline: “Not all Christians believe there is a ‘War on Christmas.'” The article quotes Christian leaders and authors saying they disagree with those of us who believe there is a war on Christmas. I could give a litany of examples of exactly how the war on Christmas has manifested itself the last decade or so. From...

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Iowa pastors plan to visit, possibly woo Huckabee

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, will be the keynote speaker at an American Renewal Project event scheduled for Thursday and Friday in Little Rock. A group of Iowa evangelical pastors plans to meet with him privately during the event. A team of Iowa pastors will meet privately with televangelist conservative Mike Huckabee at an event in Arkansas next week to talk to him about running for president in 2016, the evangelical leaders told The Des Moines Register Thursday. “I don’t know if you’d call it a recruitment tour or not — some people are still interested in finding...

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Women Are Concerned About Religious Freedom

The White House stance assumes that women care far more about free access to contraceptives, or their sex lives, than about religious freedom, or allowing businesses to have a conscience. This view of women is degrading . It treats women as one-dimensional victims needing the protection of government-as-big-brother. The Supreme Court yesterday agreed to hear two important cases about whether women and men who own businesses are protected by civil rights laws against religious discrimination. The Obama Administration says it can ignore religious freedom laws when regulating businesses and their owners because it believes earning money is inconsistent with...

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Angola Prison – A New Hope

“I visited Angola State Prison in Louisiana yesterday, including Death Row. The experience was life changing.” Radio Host Dennis Prager, watch the video below: What really transformed Angola Prison?  Click on the image below to watch an interview between Scott Lamb and Dr. Chuck Kelley, President of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS). Learn the history of  NOBTS involvement with the Louisiana State Penitentiary, otherwise known as Angola.                     Watch more on Angola State Prison: Take a journey deep inside the walls of Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana. Angola...

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Law, Lawmaking, and Morality

All law and lawmaking is “religious” in the sense that it derives its authority to act from something outside of — above — itself.  In this country, that “something” that our law is based on is the Bible.  This is clearly apparent not only in the text of the Declaration of Independence, but it is also demonstrated in the texts of our earliest covenants, constitutions, law-codes, compacts and charters. And this fact is known and recognized by Christians and non-Christians alike.  For example, a 1982 “Newsweek Magazine” cover story headlined “How the Bible made America,” said that historians were...

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